Friday, 12 August 2016


For today's post I thought I would do a little rant on Fitness and what and who inspires me to work on my body. Fitness has come such a long way and today people are so much more conscious about their bodies and how they want to look. Honestly, literally every single person I know today is dedicated towards attaining his/her fitness goals. Whether you are playing a trainer's DVD and working out at home or are a regular at your gym, being fit is on everyone's mind right now. Knowing myself and how lazy I can be (sometimes), I find it difficult to keep up with the rigorous routines suggested by some of these top trainers. Two of my personal favorites are Tone It Up a.k.a Karena and Katrina and Blogilates. Let me warn all you beginners out there that even though their routines may seem like a cakewalk, they will BURN your body. And if they don't, it means that you ain't doing it right.

You can do whatever you want to stay fit - Dancing, Swimming, Sports, Gyming, Martial Arts, Zumba, the list is endless. Sometimes going to the gym can be a little mundane and so it is always a good idea to incorporate different routines to make each day exciting. As for me, I like going on long walks and I try to do ab exercises at home. It is about knowing what your problem area is and where you are most likely to put on weight and work on that. I tend to put on weight in my tummy so I do about 5-6 ab exercises 2 sets 20 times each. Now, I try and do this everyday and switch it up sometimes so it doesn't get repetitive.

My number one tip would be if you are just starting out, don't be brutal towards your body. Begin with a few warm up exercises followed by light ones. You will automatically build more energy and stamina to exceed your goals with regular practise.

What are your favorite forms of exercise?

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  2. I love dancing the most. Doesn't feel like sport at all. :-)

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  4. Not been doing any physical activities lately. :( But I'd love to workout pretty soon! Thanks for the motivation and ideas! Anyway, I hope you could check out my latest travel post: Tokyo Disneyland experience + a few tips. Hope to hear from you soon!

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