Wednesday, 27 April 2016


This week, I thought I would rant a little and to be honest with you, I love such kind of posts. Not only posting them but also reading other bloggers. The new year has started and these past four months have gone by so quickly. Everyday, even though you follow the same routine, there are things that you learn and people you meet that change your life completely. Living alone has molded me into the person that I am today and I would advice every youngster to do so. It teaches you so many things that not only make you a stronger person but help you overcome any obstacle that may come your way in the future. So here are the things that I learned this year:

1) DO YOU: I don't want to sound braggy but I've always been kind to everyone. My friends know me as a person who would go out of their way to help. I have always been that person who would think about others first and then look at my own shit. But from my own experiences I can tell, you gotta do you! You have to make yourself happy first before you please others. Now, some may call this being selfish, but NO. This is not called being selfish, it is called being practical and happy, You come alone and at the end of the day, people will leave you but you have only yourself so go do things that make you happy. You don't need anybody's approval.

2) SELF LOVE: Let me warn you right here, this post is going to be all about how to love loving yourself! Self love is so important and you don't realize it until you start feeling good about yourself. The day you feed it in your mind that you love the way you are, you will look at life with a different perspective. Times have changed now and the pressure from your friends, family can make a person feel less worthy. Every person has something to offer - some take more time in discovering it and that's normal. Unreasonable expectations can lead to disappointment and you just don't want any energy to bring you down. So accept the person that you are and spread the message of self-love!

3) PEOPLE MOVE ON: My motive for this post was not making you all emotional but this point everyone can relate to. Breakups, broken friendships, broken promises are all part of life. But does being stuck in the same place help? Is that the solution to all your problems? The answer is NO. I have had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you can drift away from the people who were so close to you. Circumstances change and people do too. It's hard to move on but not impossible. If you want to grow in life, prosper, utilize better opportunities, you have to leave the past behind. The future is all about who YOU want to see yourself becoming even if it means letting go. If someone left you that means they were never destined to be a part of your life so stop over-thinking and get moving!

I know this was a huge rant with excerpts from my own life but I hope this helps if you need some motivation. I'm no expert but I just thought I would still share it with you guys! Let me know the things that you learned this year - I'd love to read 'em!

Hope you have an amazing day!



Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Summer is almost here in Calgary! During the day it's sunny and as the sun comes down it gets quite pleasant. I went shopping the other day where I picked up this sweatshirt from H and M and I kind of knew I would do a post about it. Now, it takes a lot to convince me to go buy any tee that has a caption all over it and this sweatshirt was no different. I saw this, loved the color and style but I was a little apprehensive. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to give this one a go! What is style if you are not ready to experiment and step out of your comfort zone, right?! 

It was a beautiful sunny day and not super hot so I decided that it was the perfect time to pull out my sweatshirt and denims. Here, I am wearing my sweatshirt from H and M, my torn denims are from Abercrombie and Fitch (love the fitting btw!), sunnies from Rayban and Converse shoes. Casual af but still very effortlessly chic is how I would name this entire look. This look has definitely convinced me to rock more similar looks! Captions - YAY or NAY? Do you dig this look? Let me know in the comments! 


Friday, 15 April 2016


Perfumes have always been one of my obsessions. Since my mom used to work for a premium beauty supply store, she would get some of the best perfumes for a reasonable rate. Whenever I would return from the Caribbean, I would leave some of my clothes behind only to make space for some perfume bottles! There are some people who stick to a scent they like for years and then there is me who is not afraid to experiment. I usually don't go for a light perfume and tend to lean more towards strong scents. I own so many perfumes you guys, it's crazy! So this week, I thought I would share two of my favorite perfumes that I have worn the most this month and the past month. 

1) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum: Trust Chanel to give you the best in luxury! I am highly impressed with the way Chanel puts so much effort into making the bottles look so elegant. Apart from the beautiful bottle, the scent is very sexy and definitely a head turner. I always get the maximum compliments whenever I wear this scent. Some of the top notes are Bergamot, jasmine, orange, rose petals, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and white musk. It smells divine and I wear this both during the day and night. Undoubtedly one of the best perfumes I have ever owned! 

2) Dior J'adore Eau de Parfum: Can we just take a moment for this glamorous packaging?! Like omg how cute does this look? It is a statement piece that you can use as an accessory to adorn your dresser/desk. By now, you already know that if I find something  visually appealing, I am sold! But coming to this scent, this is one of the best sensual and strong scents that I have ever tried. With Ylang-Ylang essence, Damanscena Rose Essence, Sambac Jasmine Absolute, there is nothing that you cannot like in this pretty bottle. I tend to use this one at night if I am going to a function or a place where I know I'm going to get sweaty later after a hardcore dance sesh. Don't even get me started on the longevity of this. This perfume lasts super long and you don't even have to worry about re-applying it later. This one's definitely a keeper! 

Tell me your all time favorites! I would love to hear! 


Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Finally! I have my first makeup look for you lovelies! Yesterday was the perfect time to take some photos because I had to get ready for a party. I decided that I wanted something that was not too over the top yet a little night time appropriate. Believe me, when I started out, all I knew was that I was going to take the lightest color from the Naked 2 palette and then have the dark shade at the outer corner and just build. When you see the photos, it looks a little like the black has not blended in with the color on the lid but it was a smooth transition and I don't know why the camera has not picked it up! You can really add your own twist to this look and go for a bold lip color depending on what event you're going to! 

Products I used: 


Naked 2 Palette : Bootycall on the inner corner, Verve on the lid, Blackout on the outer corner and Tease in the crease (that rhymed!)

Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid Liner

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara


Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Clarins Bronzing Duo SPF 15 

Milani Luminoso Blush 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 


Colourpop Matte Lipstick - Beeper 

Fyi: I don't do my brows because I like their natural shape! 

Hope this gives you some inspiration to create a different look!