Thursday, 24 March 2016


As you grow older, you realize so many things about yourself. You don't just grow physically but also as a person. The surroundings that you are in and the people that you hang out with make you who you are. For someone like me who has a full time job and maintains a blog, it is important that I find ways to de-stress myself to find the right work-life balance. If you ask me personally, running this blog is my way of de-stressing! I enjoy writing and all things related to beauty and fashion which is why I decided to let you guys delve into my own little space on the internet. Another thing that helps me maintain my sanity is staying positive.

It took me years (25 to be specific) to understand the significance of staying positive. I have always been a very negative person (not a good quality I know) and that has not helped me in any way. So why do you still continue to do something that doesn't benefit you? Call that a bad habit, it affects your body and mind in the most dangerous ways without you even realizing the harm it's doing. How did I change my outlook on life in general? I say to myself, if I were to always think about the consequences and negatives, would it actually do any good to me? Is it a solution to all my problems the answer to this is NO! On the downside, this would only result in me being a cranky, stressed girl with a zillion breakouts on my skin. Is that who I want to be - absolutely NOT! What happens when you are positive? When positive thoughts enter my mind, I feel good about my overall self. I feel like I am more determined that "X" is my goal and I will do whatever it takes to reach it. My motivation towards gaining something reaches an all time high and no matter how tough it may seem, I make sure I don't let any negative thoughts enter my mind. It may seem a little hard in the beginning especially if you are someone like me (filled with negative thoughts) LOL but everything is possible. Think of it as an assignment for your brain and keep correcting it by saying something positive. Slowly, you will realize how your thoughts transform and how these thoughts will transform you into a better person.

Now, this concept of staying positive can be applied anywhere. You want your dream job, dream car, dream life partner or something as simple as a dress that you saw at a boutique. Of course, just staying positive and not working hard towards your goals is not going to take you anywhere. The perseverance and grind is part of the process. No one has had it easy and even if you see the other person's struggle as being relatively easy, I'm sure they have a zillion things that they are going through and choose not to show. Confidence, motivation, determination and perseverance are all different aspects of staying positive. Try being an optimist person and see the magic unwind.

How do you stay positive?

Let me know!



  1. Aw... my first time stopping by your blog and what an awesomely honest post to get to read. It's hard to keep positive as we grow up... the curveballs of adult life can be very... difficult. Job stress. New friends, losing the old. Relationship drama. Societal drama. Citizen duty. All can be overloading... but yes, handling life with the best attitude and a positive outlook is best...

    I just turned 27 (ew!) last week... and I find it helpful to keep my life organized, so I eliminate chaotic stress... the rest... well... it's an unending realm of the unexpected. But the best thing to do is be the best person you can be, put out good vibes, and be optimistic that goodness is going to come back... and it will!

    All the Cute