Friday, 8 January 2016


2016 is here and you know what happens in the beginning! Resolutions! The month of January is all about setting new resolutions and working towards executing them. How far you go on that front is a different story altogether though. In my case, I've always had the things that top my list ready at the end of every year but by December(of the new year) I kind of lose interest or worse, even forget about the resolution itself. Things can go from bad to worse in no time for me you see! But it's alright to lose focus midway because let's be honest, you get so caught up with your own life and things change as you move forward. Till then, keep making resolutions and breaking 'em!

One of my major goals this year is to become a Vegan. I've tried on and off to be a Vegan for almost a year now but either travel, my erratic work schedule or my bunch of foodie friends ruin it for me. Now if you read the previous line, you would know how big I am on excuses. This brings me to my next goal. I am going to try to nag less and try to be a compassionate person. Life is a roller coaster ride and you gotta live and cherish every moment - be it good or bad. 2015 was not the best year but it was not the worst. Losing people from your life is not easy and it's worse when you are helpless and cannot be by their side. We had two deaths in the family - both unexpected. As for me, things did not go as planned - work wise. I had to struggle with a lot of personal issues too but what's life without problems?! On the bright side, I met some wonderful people this year who I hung out with and still am. I got to travel to so many wonderful places this year like Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, Jasper. I couldn't travel outside Canada much but Canada has so many places to see. Out of all these places, Vancouver was the BEST. I was there for about 3 days but I wished I had stayed longer. Trust me, there were so many places that we missed seeing but I'm definitely going there again soon.

My future posts in this blog are going to be a mix of food, travel, fashion, review posts. If there is anything else that you guys want to see, please let me know in the comments below!


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